Friday, October 24, 2008

Swift Anniversary - 1st Year

Today (24-Oct-2008) marks the 1st anniversary of my Swift car and it's a pleasant feeling we've made it so far together. Looking back, many of my dreams (small and big) have come true, and hopefully, I'll continue the incredible journey. Thanks for all the good times, buddy!

Delivery Day, 24-Oct-2007

Day 1: Delivery day on 24-Oct-2007

The Journey

I feel, when you're on the road, the destination is only a part of the journey. Each milestone makes you feel alive, makes you feel humble in the larger scheme of things, and more than anything else, makes you crave for bigger adventures. I'm thirsty for more and the stats below show that we've had an average of 1 long drive per month.

A Few Stats

Miles Driven: ~6,500 KMS.
Services/Maintenance: 3.
Damages: The one above the right wheel (on the side of the steering wheel). On return from Rayadurgam on the 4th day of car delivery (28-Oct-2008), I banged the car at full speed to the walls while parking at home. I got it fixed in Pune 3 days back, though.
Breakdowns: None.
Punctures: 1 (Since it was a tubeless tyre, I made it to the destination that day and only realized the puncture after 4 days or so. It was caused by a 1.5 inch nail).
Long Drives (from Bangalore, anything over 100kms, 1-way): 11 trips including drives to Rayadurgam (4 times), Horsley Hills, Kolar, Mysore, Chennai-Pondicherry, Pune, Pune to Narayanapura, Pune to Khandala/Lonavala.
Accessories added: A mini vacuum cleaner (it uses the 12V cigarette-lighter power supply in the car), an air-pumping machine (portable) and a few dolls!

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