Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays and New Year 2009

Good Morning, Bengaluru - I'm Back Home!

Early this morning, while I headed home from the Bengaluru bus station, the thick fog could not hide the colorful lights that draped several churches. Rightly so. No event, big or small, public or personal, should be allowed to hijack the festive season. We cannot afford to miss out on the little joys that are tending to be rarer with each passing year(?). Perhaps, it could well be an illusion, or our own making.

Lots of Wishes

Nevertheless, I wish you and your family the best of Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays and as always, pray to God the New Year 2009 brings alive your dreams and hopes, safeguard your health, and shower a wealth of joy.

Year 2008

In all ways, 2008 has been special. I've made key decisions, and I'll continue to give all of them my best shots. Most important of them, I've moved to Pune. It was hard, exhausting, and I often wondered if it was all worth it.

Pune, My New Home

I strongly believe in destiny, however, that doesn't stop me from chasing what I want. I'm trying to make Pune my new home and I do want to learn Marathi in the next year. As I once told my friend who did not like it when he first moved to New York, every place has its charm. You only need to venture out and discover it. I will!

PS: I only wish the Pune traffic cops stopped thinking I came from Pakistan. Or worse, I wonder, if they're treated better!

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