Friday, December 05, 2008

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Today, the 5th December 2008 Friday, marks our 1st Wedding Anniversary. This is a day of great joy to me and Shailu. Every minute presents us with memories of last year. I can now remember how we both sat on the haseymane, just about to get into the nuptial bliss for ever. In about 30 minutes, I tied the three knots on the thaali, at about 10.25am IST.

How was the 1st married year?

I am not going to say that it was all rosy and poetic, that would be a denial of the various colors the wedding life presents. There were moments of extreme happiness, and moments of despair. What matters is that we stuck together through all of them, and that's exactly what makes the married life so special. Your life partner is there for you no matter what. I've learnt to handle things better, prioritize things in their context, sometimes walking along a very tight rope. I sometimes felt no matter what I did, somebody would be disappointed.

All this is worth when I come home and the door opens to my lovely smiling wife. All my worries of the world are forgotten when she cooks food so full of love. All my dreams come alive when she encourages me to chase them, and she pushes me to accomplish them.

Shailu has been with me through the past one year, and I am looking forward to the Journey of Life with her, by my side for ever and always. Cheers!

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