Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is personal blogging dead?

Am I a victim of an alleged trend that personal blogging is dead? I read a blogger has quit his personal blog with the following explanation:

“Personal blogging is dead. It has been succeeded by microblogging and lifestreaming on one end and corporate and professional blogging on the other end…The world has changed, personal blogging is dead and so is this blog.”

Like him, but without a conscious decision, I seem to be on this track, and I’ve thought about it a couple of times with enough seriousness. But for now, I think I agree with another guy that personal blogging will never be dead, in his concluding remarks on the fellow who said otherwise (see above):

“…I disagree with Lars’ assessment about the death of the personal blog. The personal blog will continue to attract writers because it remains a relatively safe haven for free expression…”

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where I’m plugging-in all my spare time (big and small), I’ve been slogging-like-a-horse on a middle-of-the-night-idea called coffee break labs since early Feb-2009. Most of the work has been happening behind the scenes, but feel free to check it out (you’ll also find the official blog, Next, and the founder’s blog). It won’t be longer than a week or so for a formal announcement and a beta-launch.

At the same time, I can’t wait to get back to my writing projects, The Next Ticket and a non-fiction. Hopefully, I can get on with them after the beta launch.

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