Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Announcement: This blog has moved to http://coffeebreaklabs.com/sri/me/

Update: We're moving to SridharMachani.com Blog.

Yep, I’ve moved this blog to http://coffeebreaklabs.com/sri/me/. Please add or subscribe to the new RSS feeds at http://coffeebreaklabs.com/sri/me/index.php/feed/

The move is still not perfect (all internal links in the posts on this new blog still point to the old blog posts), but that is something I’m not fixing right away. I’m more keen on cleaning up the categories which are tags from this blog.

Why move?

It was simple, I like WordPress (WP) and I think it is way better than blogger. Another reason was that I didn’t want to leave my stuff on a 3rd party host, even if it is Google. There is a website I’m working on, and I’ve paid to host it. I might as well use a sub-domain to host my blog as well. I’ll have complete control of the look and feel, not worry about losing my content, and finally, leverage the ease and power of WP.

And yes, this was long overdue. I must admit, it’s been a great pleasure all these years, giving me a window to peek into the outside world and to invite friends over.

Signing off!

PS: A related announcement on the new blog is here.

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