Thursday, November 19, 2009

Appreciating beauty

I know I’m talking about something a married man is not supposed to do. Let’s keep moral judgments aside for a moment.

When you’re walking around and see a person with a beautiful smile adding to the charm of her simple outlook, you may want to walk up to her and compliment her about it. And then, you wonder if it’s a right thing to do, especially if you’re in office premises. Or, is it worse if you’re in a public place?

I think we should be civilized enough to not feel awkward to compliment someone’s special qualities, such as beauty or intellect. The person receiving the compliment should also accept it with dignity and not worry too much or make a fuss about it. I also think it doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, it’s a matter of appreciating beauty honestly.

Have you felt this way anytime? I feel it all the time. Or, do you think I’m just feeling good that the sun is out after weeks of cold, dull rainy days?
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