Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finally, I Pulled Some Strings

My brother, Raghu and friend, Kashi gifted me a beautiful guitar for my birthday in 2006 (I think so). I’ve tried to learn it several times, from Internet pages, ebooks and from friends (Deepak and his brother, Nitin). Sadly, it didn’t go far enough to even play a single decent piece of music. And for this, I felt guilty whenever I thought of the guitar.

Well, now I’m giving it another shot. I’ve started going to Guitar beginner’s class conducted by a guy called Michael every Wednesdays in office. That’s the day I take my car to office, I don’t want to damage the lovely guitar by any means.

What could be different this time is that I’ve paid for the classes and at least for the next 3 months, I’ll be sure to practice it a few times a week at home. That should give me some time to learn a few tunes, and if the listeners like them, I may be inspired to learn a few more stuff. I’m hoping this cycle never ends throughout my life. If I learn to play it well, I’d definitely pass on the art to others.

Another way I’m planning to keep myself motivated is by blogging about my progress, frustrations, and share tips/resources. Maybe, some of you would be inspired from this stuff to take up guitar learning yourself. For starters, I’m going through stuff at

The by-product of blogging about my lessons is to give my personal blog a new push – it has been neglected for a long time. I cleaned off some of the old dust!

Do keep track of my guitar learning sessions by visiting this site often. The easier way is to subscribe to RSS feeds. You’ll get notified whenever I post something over here. It’s a promise that I won’t give up this time.

Wish me luck!
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