Monday, June 28, 2010

[30-day-challenge] Less Tea Now

Ever since I started my 30-day challenges, every single task that I was procrastinating came alive. For example, I was trying to learn guitar and stopped it like most folks, but '30 days of learning guitar' is tempting.

Less Tea

I mentioned that I had started 30 days of 1-cup of tea at office. It was common for me to sip 3 or 4 cups of tea or coffee at office so far. For over a month now, instead of having tea post lunch, I've been picking up a fresh fruit juice or fruit salad when hunger strikes at around 4PM. I somehow feel good about it. Now, with the dipping temperature and raining days, it has been tough not to have a cup of hot tea at around 4PM. In fact, that is when the rains usually start, leaving me thinking about the challenge.

What I'm up to now is that, instead of 1 cup in the morning, I've broken it down to half a cup each in the morning and in the evening. On most occasions, I'm not picking up anything to eat in the evenings, because I realized, I was adding calories while trying to avoid tea.

Bottom line, I think I'll stick to less tea rather than no tea in the evenings.

For my next challenge, I'm thinking of either going to gym or reconnecting with old friends. What would be your choice?
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