Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[30-day-challenge] Reconnecting with Friends

Welcome to my next 30-day challenge. I've felt a strong desire to reconnect with my past and it has been really good so far.

One thing I've been doing, albeit unwittingly, is to call up old friends and colleagues. There is no objective or agenda, but just a desire to say hello, talk to them and see how they're going on. I've not been doing it for the sake of 30-day challenge, so I'm not feeling guilty but really good about it.

So far, I spoke to the following folks:
  • Bhavesh - my lead when I started my tenure at HP, the only guy to call me "Mac". Luckily, he hasn't changed his cell number, so we connected on the call after over 5 years. We later met near my office and spent about 40 minutes. He now has a 5-month old daughter, Dwitha (not sure if I got the spelling right). Delighted with the meeting!
  • Sudhir Raykar - ex-colleague at HP. I've been in touch with him on and off, but it was still good to speak to him on the phone.
  • Mahendran and Karthik CS - we studied engineering together and worked on multiple projects. Both are expecting their first child in November this year, sweet isn't it? Karthik is in to professional photography and I make it a point to follow his amazing work.
  • Jayaprasad - another engineering classmate. We connected briefly on GTalk.
  • Fred - my ex-manager at Siemens PLM. I consider him one of my mentors, so it was wrong on my part to have stayed disconnected so far. Hopefully, we'll engage in a collaborative project sooner than later.
  • Atanu and Moumita - my ex-colleagues at Siemens PLM. We used to have tea at about 2.40PM everyday and I recall the discussions we used to have in those times of recession, lay-offs and swine-flu in Pune (2009).
  • Manohar and Srinidhi Koushik - my ex-colleagues at Manohar is my colleague currently as well, so we bump into each other sometimes. Srinidhi got engaged recently (23-May-2010), so made it a point to attend his engagement and meet his fiancee and family.
  • Christ School friends - Deepak Artal, Biju, Vinod B, K Deepak, Hemanth, Umesh Kumar, Niraj, Jayaprakash, Manjunath, Dr. Nagaraj, Lohith, Nagendra - met them at V Girish's wedding (6-Jun-2010) and had a great time talking to all. The interesting part is that they came in the same groups that they used to hang out with in school. I guess somethings don't change and for good reason in this case!
  • Kashi - my buddy who got married in Jan this year. After that, we've hardly met, but I did recently, only for a few minutes. I'm sure we'll catch up big time when we do catch up.
Tried calling, but couldn't speak to them:
  • Vinay Prabhu - my ex-lead at HP and a close friend, but we're hardly in touch.
  • Randhir Hebbar - my engineering classmate and entrepreneur. I'm sure we'll collaborate on something, sooner or later.
Will keep you posted on this list. I highly recommend that you give it a try and I'll bet you'll not regret it at all. I'm even thinking of building a small network so we can all hangout and make our journey ahead a little less stressful and enriching. What do you think?
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