Friday, July 02, 2010

[30-day-challenge] Gym

Welcome to my next challenge - well, this will be the second for this month, though I'm hoping to continue with the gym for a long time.

From the next week, I'm going to enroll to the gym at office. Though it was on my mind for a long time, the long working hours had made it inconvenient so far.

What has changed now is the need for fitness, which is fast deterioting. In the last 2 weeks, my body indicated as much by way of headaches, ear pains, and upper back pain.

Moreover, I've getting too lazy with no physical activities and low energy levels that it was beginning to have an impact on my tons of goals and ideas incubating in my mind.

The final factor that convinced me was my wife - she almost threatened me! She is carrying now, which makes it obligatory on my part to fulfill all (or most of) her wishes (that's a traditional duty of the father-to-be). Her cravings/wishes have been very little in number and that makes it harder to say no. Hopefully, I'll carry on with gym for more than just 30 days!
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