Thursday, December 23, 2010

WGO 23-Dec-2010:, Startups, Reva…

Welcome to a weekly series called What’s Going On. I’ll feature a summary of what’s going on in my world and in the external world.

My World

  • has a new look with a new set of offerings and solutions for businesses, professionals and individuals.
  • My son is now 3.5 months and gets as naughty and playful as ever. His naming ceremony has been planned on 6-Feb-2010. When I’m in Bangalore, video chat is the next best thing to being with him (he stays in my in-laws place in AP).
  • Learnt that there are infinite ways to create startups with equally infinite ideas flooding my head all the time. I guess either I don’t care and live in the current state, or go after them full throttle. A mantra I’m clinging on to these days is, “Fail fast. Fail cheap. Apply relentless focus.”
  • Implemented my own simplistic version of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I’m fairly happy with it and now want to spread the word, maybe in the format of workshops.
  • Installed Android 2.2 OS on a thumb drive and made it bootable (occupied about 60MB). Made my laptop boot into Android and was a nice OS hack to do after a long time. I had trouble connecting to the Internet because it won’t recognize the USB modem. Must try with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.

External World

  • The price of the onions is the front page news these days. Last week came the increase in the fuel prices. They give me my next startup idea.
  • Today’s DNA newspaper has an ad for Reva, called “Petrol free.” It claims a government subsidy of Rs.75,000! It’s very tempting to pick it up and drive around the town for “negligible monthly cost”.
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