Friday, December 31, 2010

WGO 31-Dec-2010: Ends, Startups, 2011

Welcome to a weekly series called What’s Going On. I’ll feature a summary of what’s going on in my world.

2010 and 2011

It’s the last day of 2010 and the last decade, 2001-2010. Wishing you all a great new year!

What a year! Personally, the most important thing was my son. The other things are just that – I keep fiddling with such a lot of things, I need to cut down on them.

What a decade! Wait till you see the next decade. It’s gonna rock.

2011 is the year I’ll be brave and stupid at the same time. My risk-taking appetite seems to be peaking.

What can you do in 2011 and beyond?

Dream. Aspire. Think. Plan. Unplan. Start. Do. Create. Read. Write. Travel. Listen. Change. Turn around. Have fun.

What not to do in 2011 and beyond?

Don't wait. Don't give up. Don't fear. Don't stop. Don't be disappointed.


Hooked on to a lot startup gyan, like Y Combinator: Startup Library and Pmarchive; mostly obsessed with picking a co-founder.

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