Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eega - About unfulfilled love and revenge

Yesterday, on my way back home from office, I made an impromptu decision to dash into a nearby theatre to watch the Telugu movie, Eega.

It’s been a day now, but I still feel sad depressed for the hero for his unfulfilled love. Of course, there’s revenge, but it won’t do much for the amazing life he could have lived with his loved one. It’s been a while since I felt this way, at such a raw level. Keeps reminding me about death and how we mind silly little things!

On a lighter note, I was surprised about the special background music/chorus when “Kitcha” Sudeep’s name comes up on the screen. And loved his intro scene, in Kannada Smile 

This was also the first movie my wife saw on screen after our son was born (of course, I forced her to watch it while I was babysitting the kid). She absolutely loved it!

PS: There is a rumor that this movie will be released in Hindi this December, in 3D. Am game for it, are you?

Until then, here's the trailer:

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