Sunday, February 03, 2013

Drive to Chitradurga - 22 Dec 2012

An impulse decision to drive to Chitradurga with Kashi and his father turned out to be quite a pleasant experience. A good way to spend a Saturday, indeed. We started in my Swift car at 4.45am and took turns to drive on the beautiful NH4. Had breakfast at around 8am and started the light-weight trek around the Fort - built to withstand enemy attack by way of seven levels of increasing robustness and strategy.

A good thing we did to hire a guide to get a gist of the history, including the Onake Obavva bravery. We then stopped over at a cave and hired another guide to dig deep below 80 feet. The cave was used by a monk to meditate and spend the rest of his life. You have to literally stretch and crawl to go down many levels and rooms, but amazingly built to have enough supply of Oxygen - so none of us collapsed. At the rock bottom, we switched off all lights and witnessed the meaning of pitch darkness.

We came back to Bangalore by 5pm.

You can read my friend's account of the day on his blog and view all the pictures at

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