Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014: A New Year Starts

The year 2013 had a lot of trials, with none making it big – how could they, I never gave it a decent run and focus.

The goals for this year are:

  • Write everyday (someone who doesn’t, is probably not a writer)
  • Build a community of people who I can guide and help in some way
  • Treat fitness effort as high priority, which might actually add a few years to one’s life
  • Celebrate more – with or without reason or occasion

As far as career goals are concerned, they are already in motion. The thing I need to keep reminding myself is that you grow with roles, not with hikes or changing jobs. And you get into a role by already performing that role.

What about you? If you’re still making up your mind, try having a theme for the year, be it health, prosperity, or both. Good luck!

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